Tyre Pressure Monitoring

TireAngel monthly Safety follow up report
Toll NZ FN9618 MAN
Test rig MAN 32 wheeler
50 ton 25 Metre max super trucks
With TireAngel fitted to all wheels Verifiable results
Findings reported to us:
After initial apprehension drivers now report system is a “life saver” and do not want to drive without it.
Many punctures detected and immediate action taken resulting in saved Downtime, Tyres, Wheel damage and possible roll-overs.
Two of the Most interesting reports to date via truck fuel computer 200-300 metres extra fuel burn per litre, running optimum tire pressures.

No tire rotation done or required as there is a perfect wear pattern. these particular tyres are Continentals.
Amount of kilometres per tyre
Steering axle tyre life

Now and Prior
200.000km (Normally 140k +- )
Drive axle
110K-120K (Normally +- 90k)
Trailer x 20 wheels
“not sure as still going at 260k expecting around the 300k mark!”